A downloadable Puzzle for Windows

Soul Bound is a puzzle game in which the two cubes must finally be able to touch one another.

The Game Works as Such.

There are two players. Each player is controlled by you (but not simultaneously).

To Swap between the players take one of the players towards a flag and Press F. 

As all platformers, there are several obstacles in your path. To overcome them you must collect Abilities or buffs. 

The catch is, any ability taken by one of the players is only reflected on the other player. So you must choose your abilities carefully, and guide each player as far as they can go. 

There are 4 Abilities

  1. Grow Tall => To Push Objects
  2. Grow Small => Squeeze Under Objects
  3. Float => Use Space to float ( Gravity disabled)
  4. Weight Up => Become heavy (breakthrough crumbling floor tiles)

Be vary! picking the wrong ability at the wrong time will force you to restart as the ability disappears upon activation. 

Try to beat the game in record time ^^

Good Luck and Have Fun!

Install instructions

Unzip and Play! :D


Soul Bound.rar 26 MB

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